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When creative spirit and results orientation are combined, we create memorable solutions that inspire and move. In every creative and business challenge, we connect our expertise and experience with client satisfaction. That’s why our portfolio is an ever-growing galaxy of stars we create.

That’s why we are proud of every solution, campaign and result.

  • HONOR New Year’s party 2022

    Brief Organizing New Year’s party for HONOR Serbia becomes the tradition, so we were tasked with designing and executing another in a series of spectacular events that will mark the company’s success in 2022. This time we were faced with the organization of the New Year’s dinner and a party with the wish that all…


  • Valoris video production

    Brief As part of the Employer Branding campaign for Valoris, we proposed creating a series of video materials that will provide key answers to the question of why people should get a job at Valoris. In order to successfully answer that question, we conducted a mini-survey among the population that was defined as a key…


  • HONOR Valentine’s Day design production

    Love over the wire: From the first moment to constant calls - HONOR investigates the behavior of users on Valentine’s Day. For this romantic holiday, HONOR conducted global research that surveyed smartphone users in countries where HONOR brand is available on the market...


  • Xiaomi Store TikTok Channel

    Brief Digital connectivity in the world of entertainment! This project marks the beginning of an exciting adventure on the TikTok platform for Xiaomi Store Serbia. It was not an easy task before us - to create a colorful and authentic community of supporters around a well-known and favorite IT brand and to launch a new…


  • HONOR New Year’s party 2021

    New Year’s holidays represent the time of the year when we want to share the most beautiful moments with friends. For this occasion, we organized a festive dinner and holiday celebration for our long-time client, the company HONOR, attended by numerous business partners and brand supporters from the entire region...


  • Valoris – Employer Branding campaign

    Brief Opening of the first office outside Romania borders meant that in addition to the Brand awareness campaign, we also created an Employer branding campaign for Valoris, which will attract a large number of people interested in employment. Under the slogan “Let’s talk”, we created an Employer Branding campaign that focuses on the plenty of…


  • Project “OhrabreNA” (Empowered) by Lenovo

    Brief As a socially responsible company, Lenovo provides support to the categories that need empowerment - this time it was female entrepreneurs. We participated in the creation and realization of the educational program “OhrabreNA” (Empowered) intended for small business owners who want to explore ways to improve their business and obtain the necessary knowledge for…


  • HONOR X8a influence campaign

    Brief Promotion of the new HONOR X8a smartphone was marked by an unforgettable influence marketing campaign that would bring this exceptional product into the hands of every consumer. In cooperation with selected influencers from different niches, the campaign revealed the power of personalized promotion. Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel, IT Instagram and TikTok celebrities came together…


  • BIG Pazova photo and video production

    Brief In March 2023 BIG CEE company opened their 10th shopping mall in Serbia – BIG Pazova! We had the honor and pleasure to execute the project of the retail park grand opening for the BIG CEE delegation, guests, and visitors. With numerous animators, performers, and special guests, we welcomed the first visitors to the…


  • HONOR X series photo production

    eXtra: Spring inspiration for colorful moments! HONOR brand has launched a new improved X series of smartphones with the current items HONOR X7a and HONOR X8a. Recognizable by their design, but also by their fantastic and attractive colors, the new smartphones will win over users...


  • Forma Ideale video production

    Brief Forma Ideale, our long-term client, entrusted us with creating stop-motion series of visuals to present some of the new items in the offer, as well as the functionality and practicality of the furniture pieces, for social media official channels. Our task was to show the dynamics of the living space refined with Forma Ideale…


  • HONOR Magic series photo production

    Brief HONOR brand launched the new Magic 5 series of smartphones with 2 items - HONOR Magic5 Lite and the undisputed flagship phone HONOR Magic5 Pro. Magic 5 series brought 2 new high-end smartphones to the local market that stood out not only with their top performance, but also with the elegant and powerful design…


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