HONOR Magic5 Lite – media gathering event


The company HONOR presented new devices from the Magic series at MWC 2023. HONOR Magic5 Lite is the first device from that series that appeared on the local market, and on that occasion we had the opportunity to organize a media gathering in order to present the new series of smartphones to our guests and media representatives. For this occasion, we decided to have a slightly different gathering and surprise all the guests with a unique workshop.


We organized a media meet-and-greet on the beautiful rooftop of the Crystal Hotel in Belgrade. In addition to HONOR representatives, the event was also attended by representatives of the most prominent Tech and Lifestyle media in Serbia, to whom were presented devices from the new Magic series. In order to make this event unforgettable, we organized a unique painting workshop with the help of expert instructors, while sommeliers were responsible for inspiration and good mood, who chose a special selection of wines for all guests. Painting canvases were specific for the dominant and recognizable color of the Magic series, as well as the circle symbol that became a recognizable sign of all Magic devices. Workshop participants had the task to paint their current motivation, and additional inspiration was provided by the incredible view and Belgrade panorama.