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If you, too, are driven by creativity and a desire for new knowledge, we might be a good MATCH!

We can develop your potential together

Just as we never turn down a creative challenge, we never turn down the opportunity to expand our team with new people who carry creative ideas, marketing knowledge, or highly specialized skills on their faces and in their hearts.

We are always open to getting to know you first and foremost as a person because our successes are actually the successes of everyone on our team. For us, you are always a person first and an employee second. We want to allow you to do what you know and love, improve yourself, and acquire new knowledge.

We are young (or at least relatively young), but at the same time, we are big fans of what we do. That’s why it’s important to us that our employees do the work they love: in the employment process, it’s not only important to us that you have knowledge and expertise but also love for what you do and the same commitment as all team members.

In addition to your work experience, we are also interested in your interests, wishes, and plans because we want to build a long-term relationship and work on projects that move and inspire you. We want to be more than a waypoint in your career, but a place where some of you will recognize your true potential and some will further develop your expertise. Still, everyone will get the opportunity to realize themselves in the best possible way!

If you want to become part of our team, we are waiting for your applications – fill out the application form.

After that - see you soon.

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