Performance campaigns on social media bring quick results

The most reliable way to conversion is a performance campaign based on a digital strategy, aimed at attracting new clients and visitors to the website, from where we follow their journey to conversion.

We are here to ensure the visibility of your business on social media through paid advertising and to offer you concrete, visible results.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

The performance marketing team is in charge of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Social networks are one of the most effective advertising channels, and they have a great effect for several reasons:

  • 2.4 billion Facebook and Instagram users;

  • Each user spends more than 1 hour a day on social media;

  • Every business has enough opportunities to reach its target audience.

Kako do svoje publike 
na društvenim mrežama?

Wondering how to reach your audience on social media? The answer is simple.

Unlike Google where you can reach users or customers only after their query for a specific product, on social media we search for our ideal audience. We reach them based on the interest of social media users and with the help of an algorithm that, based on the expressed interest, knows to whom and how to place a certain ad.

Although everything seems simple at first glance, results can be achieved only with a carefully prepared strategy. That’s why our team provides a long-term strategic approach to advertising on social networks along with budget and KPI planning.

We approach each client with special attention, analyzing the current position as well as the competition.

Social media advertising is the most profitable form of digital advertising

Facebook and Instagram advertising allow you to pay according to campaign goals. We are not only here to ensure the client’s visibility on social networks, but to offer concrete, visible results, which in most cases is sales.

Sometimes, besides completed purchase, the goals can be to direct as many visitors to the site as possible, or to increase the number of registered users. Social media are among the cheapest advertising channels, so the average cost per click is $0.9. The price per purchase varies and is determined by several factors, but it is not profitable for the price to be higher than the real value of the product. Our goal for each client is that the ROI (Return of Investment) is never lower than 2. So, you must get twice what you invested.

Advantage+ is advertising that adapts to each user

Advantage + campaigns stand out in performance marketing on social media because such ads are directed towards the individual needs of users. They are special for several reasons:

1. They use data on user behavior in order to adjust the content in accordance with their previous interactions, so it is possible that if someone has already viewed a certain product on the site, they can market to a potential customer the very product for which they have already expressed interest. In this way, the number of transactions increases, and the advertising budget decreases.

2. They significantly save time when creating visuals, because by creating only one campaign, a large number of products can be presented, without much engagement of designers. In addition, every time the prices change, there is no need to recreate the visuals because all the prices on the ads are automatically updated.

Our clients are mostly e-commerce oriented, and our basic structure is Advantage+ campaigns, which allow all products from the site to be promoted within the same campaign. Thanks to the software, exclusively used by our agency in Serbia, we can visually improve the appearance of those campaigns, as well as monitor the results based on several metrics on a daily basis. Also, with the help of this software, we can easily measure the performance of each product both on Facebook and on the web site.

The team consists of experienced professionals who work in different industries: from fashion and beauty, through IT equipment, to the betting industry, but also the marketplace, which is gaining momentum in Serbia. We know how and what should be advertised at the exact moment and in what way. We currently work in 12 markets: Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. This gives us an advantage because we know enough about consumer habits in the mentioned markets.

In addition to e-commerce, Advantage+ Ads are also applicable to other industries: it is possible to promote online casinos and important matches, but Advantage+ Ads can also be an excellent tool for tourism and real estate agencies as well. Furthermore, it is possible to create a promotion for car showrooms aimed at scheduling a test drive.

We are sure that with our knowledge, experience and commitment we can help every client achieve results. We will assure you that social media can be an excellent channel for sales.

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