HONOR Valentine’s Day design production


Love over the wire: From the first moment to constant calls – HONOR investigates the behavior of users on Valentine’s Day. For this romantic holiday, HONOR conducted global research that surveyed smartphone users in countries where HONOR brand is available on the market. A comprehensive survey of smartphone users’ habits related to their behavior not only during Valentine’s Day, but also during the development of a romantic relationship. Thus, HONOR analyzed the number of messages that couples exchange at the beginning of a relationship and after a certain period, the length of calls between partners, and the like. The result of the survey was a large amount of data, and our task was to present the most significant results of this research in a creative way.


In order to shed light on this interesting field, we have created attractive and informative solutions that will convey the essence of the research.

Colorways for the project were carefully selected to express different aspects of the research. Pastel shades of pink and purple exude tenderness and romance, while strong shades of blue and green are present in the background to emphasize the technological aspect of research.

Graphic displays show statistical data in a creative way. For digital to show a set of visuals was created that show the results of HONOR research. Through this visual project, research on the use of cell phones has become accessible, interesting and easy to understand for a wide audience. Visual identity has become a bridge between the traditional romance of Valentine’s Day and the modern digital age.


Unique visuals attracted a lot of attention and spread the word about HONOR research through social media channels, but also through well-known digital lifestyle media.