Xiaomi Store digital design and production


Xiaomi Store Serbia entrusted us with the production of content for official channels on social media and website, materials for stores in the form of posters, leaflets, and OOH. Our mission was clear – to convey the expertise and vision of this brand through creative and original visuals that follow strict brand guidelines, but at the same time have a special detail that brings joy to loyal users.


Every visual we create carries the brand’s DNA – from recognizable colorways and fonts, all the way to iconic symbols. Our creativity and expertise lie in integrating this foundation into each content in a way that is innovative and original, leaving a mark of recognition.

On social media, our visuals become brand ambassadors. Through designed posts, graphic visuals and animations, we display the values, ideas and advantages that the IT client brings in the digital world. The visuals are carefully adapted to each platform in order to achieve maximum visibility and interaction with the audience.

Freedom to adapt and add a special detail becomes a key factor. With a sense of innovation and curiosity, we added a “wow” factor that surprises and intrigues.


Each visual is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of connection with the audience and awaken their curiosity to further explore.