Valoris video production


As part of the Employer Branding campaign for Valoris, we proposed creating a series of video materials that will provide key answers to the question of why people should get a job at Valoris. In order to successfully answer that question, we conducted a mini-survey among the population that was defined as a key target group for our client. In order to get to the heart of the problem and provide answers that will encourage our target group to be interested in employment in a call center, we organized a series of mini-interviews with representatives of our target group and asked them questions that hit the target.


Under the slogan “Let’s talk”, we really did talk about key topics related to youth employment. We asked honest questions about employment and their wishes, and through the answers we found out what young people really value when it comes to employment and where they don’t want to make compromises. Through a conversation with potential candidates for employment at Valoris, as well as those who are already engaged in this work, we discussed the topics that will best convey the company values and what are the benefits they offer to their employees.


The series with more than 20 video interviews was created for the purposes of promoting the company Valoris on social media. Short and dynamic form contributed to higher viewership, and the right choice of topics contributed to increased interaction with followers. The final result of the entire campaign was the filling of all open positions offered by the company during the duration of the EB campaign.