Will AI soon replace PR managers

Is the destruction or disruption of the PR sector upon us?

For many PR industry employees, both of these terms do not seem like good news, however, disruption could also raise the quality of service that PR managers deliver to clients to a significantly higher level – provided that they really embrace it and step out of their comfort zone.

As for the destruction, it largely depends on whether PR managers will be ready to adopt the changes that artificial intelligence brings and continue to evolve along with it.

At its core, AI has immense potential to vastly improve the way public relations professionals identify crises and provide strategic recommendations to their clients.

More specifically, AI can easily provide a list of media outlets that are most relevant to a client and have the potential to reach their audience, manage and grow social media accounts, generate reports, and create specific content for each media outlet individually.

Of course, AI will not enable the autopilot mode, but it will certainly be a valuable partner who always has time and is ready to provide an adequate, but not final, proposal.

The last one – the final proposal – will continue to be the PR manager’s task because they are the ones who know the client they work with the best, know all the minefields they can run into, and, in ideal conditions, possess an emotional connection that artificial intelligence simply cannot (for now) achieve.

No matter how much automation and the use of complex algorithms can relieve us of some daily tasks, it will be exceedingly difficult to replace what makes PR managers unique, which is the ability to understand the entire context in which the client functions and the bigger picture that helps in solving all potential problems.

The best PR managers are not those who have the most information, but those who use their creativity in the best possible way, while keeping in mind the client’s available resources. AI will never say no when you ask something, and that is something PR managers have to do because they are working in the best interests of the client. At the same time, in the search for the necessary information, AI can easily fall under all the negative influences of the internet, misinterpret the context, and provide incorrect information or offer something that is fundamentally against the client’s interests.

It remains unclear whether AI will ever be able to think creatively, rather than interpreting existing information and putting them into a context it thinks is relevant. Therefore, artificial intelligence will never be better than humans at designing creative campaigns and writing meaningful announcements.

Both of these things require knowing the clients, their products, and the ability to find a new angle to present a certain thing in a completely new light, recycle it or emphasize it for the hundredth time.

These are the things every PR manager should know. They should find the best way to take advantage of all the possibilities that AI offers. PR managers who do not use these skills and knowledge will certainly see AI as something that brings disruption, and even destruction – but only to their positions, not to the entire industry.

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