Social Media Management

  • The secret of successful influence campaign

    Every story about influence marketing can sound redundant today, right? Collaborations with influencers are not new nor uncharted digital waters, everybody in this business has dozens of influential…

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  • FOMO vs JOMO – and where are we in all that?

    Most of the online content that is marketed today is created according to a simple formula - entertainment + attention. Online content that we consume in our free…

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  • Welcome to the “Deinfluencing” Era

    Following the trends and new tendencies that direct and shape the content we consume every day on Instagram and TikTok is really not easy if you do it…

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  • How to measure ROI on social media?

    Quantifying ROI on social media is a challenge in itself, especially when it comes to organic results. Measuring Social Media ROI (return on investment) is a critical part…

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