Learn how to improve holiday campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

The holiday euphoria is just around the corner so it’s the right time for the holiday spirit to take over your ads on Meta platforms! Here are some simple but very useful tips on how to make your brand stand out and create a real holiday spectacle in your advertising:

Use Meta Advantage+ catalog campaigns: Use the power of the algorithm

Before creating this type of campaign, analyze your product offer and adapt it to the gift season by relying on the statistics of the best-selling products at this time of the year. Then let the Meta algorithm show shoppers the gifts they’re interested in with Advantage + catalog ads. This type of campaign will automatically find a way to the right users based on their interests and actions from the previous period. Don’t forget to tailor your message (and offer) to both new and old customers. Through careful planning and data analysis, you can optimize your Advantage+ campaigns to achieve maximum effectiveness during the holiday shopping frenzy.

Customize your creative: Make a great first impression

With all those holiday ads online, creating an original visual design that stands out is the key. Customize your ads to reflect the holiday spirit, but also to be consistent with your brand. Using attractive design, holiday colors, and elements, you can grab the consumer’s attention and create a positive first impression. Also, experiment with ad formats to find the one that best communicates with your audience. If you want to keep up with the latest trends – create attention-grabbing videos in just a few minutes using only your phone and use the currently most popular format Instagram Reels to present your product in an informal, festive mood.

Evoke the right emotions

We all know that the holidays are the most beautiful part of the year and that exchanging New Year’s and Christmas gifts is a particularly emotional moment. Start a holiday campaign that will make people smile or at least pause for a moment. Take them on a journey that will remind them of what the holidays mean. To evoke emotions, focus on stories that are authentic, warm, and easily relatable to the true spirit of Christmas and New Year. Use visuals and stories that evoke laughter, joy, or nostalgic feelings to create a deeper connection with consumers. Allow your customers to feel the joy of buying gifts for their loved ones, or for themselves, because they deserve it, right?!

To conclude – use all the possibilities of the Meta platform, and create a design that will be remembered. Connect with users on a personal level and give them the experience that they did the right thing by buying your product! Happy holiday advertising!

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