Xiaomi Store TikTok Channel


Digital connectivity in the world of entertainment! This project marks the beginning of an exciting adventure on the TikTok platform for Xiaomi Store Serbia. It was not an easy task before us – to create a colorful and authentic community of supporters around a well-known and favorite IT brand and to launch a new communication channel aimed at a younger target group.


We started this mission in collaboration with famous influencers known for their authenticity and natural sense of humor. Their content became a bridge to our target audience, and together we explored the world of technology in a new way.

Through a series of short videos, the influencers demonstrated how the products available in the Xiaomi Store make everyday life easier and more interesting. Their creative approach and ability to connect with the followers brought a new form of entertainment to the world of technology.

Identifying with influencers through numerous everyday situations allowed the audience to recognize themselves in their stories and discover how technology is becoming an essential part of their lives. That sense of belonging and closeness led to an impressive interaction between the Xiaomi Store and the followers.


TikTok audience was captivated by the non-linear content and regular updates, which resulted in a huge increase in the number of followers in just one month – reaching 10,000 fans on the channel!

Launching a TikTok channel for Xiaomi Store Serbia has become a success story of how a properly targeted campaign can become not only a viral phenomenon, but also a means of connecting with a new generation of users. We continue down the path of digital entertainment, exploring new ways to make technology not only useful, but also fun.