HONOR New Year’s party 2021


New Year’s holidays represent the time of the year when we want to share the most beautiful moments with friends. For this occasion, we organized a festive dinner and holiday celebration for our long-time client, the company HONOR, attended by numerous business partners and brand supporters from the entire region.


It was a privilege to organize New Year’s dinner so our client, HONOR, can mark a great success not only in Serbia, but also in the entire region during 2021. For such a spectacular event and an impressive list of guests, we decided on one of the most exclusive restaurants in Belgrade, Dorćoleta, and it was the interior design and our Event team vision that decided this particular restaurant should be the venue. Festive, unique dinner menu inspired by Asian Fusion cuisine, decorating details and gifts for all guests were inspired by the slogan “GoBeyond”, which we translated into the official motto for achieving new and greater successes together in the year ahead. The already perfect evening was completed by members of the popular band Girls, Boys and Toys, while the finale of the evening was a surprise concert. To everyone’s joy, one of the most popular stars in the region – Jelena Rozga – made sure everybody has a good time.