Sport Vision – Why Bestseller Campaigns Work Best


Our performance team has had the pleasure of being responsible for the improvement and optimization of e-commerce campaigns for the company Sport Vision over the past few years. We have been entrusted to increase visibility, engagement, and conversions in as many as 12 different countries – Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In addition to the Sport Vision brand, we have also been entrusted with sales channels for the concepts Buzz, Tike, Run n More, Sport Reality, and Extra Sports.


To successfully lead performance campaigns in different markets, our team actively works on developing strategies tailored to each of the 12 countries. Defining steps in the strategy for 34 concepts also requires analyzing each individual market, brand positioning, user preferences, and alignment with the client’s monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.

We have realized that there are differences among certain countries regarding shopping habits, the length of the consideration phase, and the visual representation of ads, which we have also aligned with different markets and concepts. The basis of each strategy is Advantage+ catalog campaigns, but with certain product segmentations to better optimize campaigns with a large number of products. On the other hand, it is very important to promote short-term promotions that significantly contribute to better results.


To ensure an increase in the number of transactions and ROAS, we concluded that the strategy should also include Advantage+ campaigns based on best-selling models. This allowed us to segment and differentiate between each concept and each country.

Guided by the idea that sports footwear and clothing are intended for a wide target group, we placed ads only for products that had a certain number of transactions in GA and a certain number of impressions on FB and IG. The reason for this is that we know if there are any trends in purchasing, they can positively impact those who have not yet decided to make a purchase.

On the other hand, each of these concepts had similar and different models and brands, so this approach allowed us to more clearly distinguish which brands and models have a sales growth trend depending on the country and concept.

This step in the strategy has proven to be successful as these campaigns started generating the highest number of transactions and significantly increased ROAS on all concepts and in all markets.