Utilizing Margins to Increase ROAS


The online platform Remix offers a mix of various styles and brands within the fashion & sports concept. is an online shop presenting both well-known and new, unique brands. Our task is to create a strategy for catalog sales and present Remix as a well-known online destination for a premium shopping experience.


We focused on Meta Advantage+ and catalog sales to create an unforgettable shopping experience in the world of high fashion. After researching and understanding the aesthetics and habits of consumers, as well as realizing that fashion is not just about clothing but also about expressing style and identity, we developed a strategy of personalized approach through Meta Advantage+ ads for different target groups. Our Meta Advantage+ strategy is not just a technique but an art of connecting the brand with the desires and inspirations of our target audience.


Through the personalization of campaigns, we presented the Remix online store not only as a shopping destination but also as an experience that evolves with every trend, inviting customers to discover their unique fashion journey. By utilizing the latest capabilities provided by Meta and the software we use for campaign optimization, we segmented the product categories and brands to tailor strategies and achieve a significant return on investment. After analyzing the previous results, we concluded that we achieved an increase in website visits as well as an increase in the number of transactions. However, to make a significant leap in terms of return on investment, an enhanced strategy was needed. One of the campaigns that enabled us to achieve this and brought the best results was the campaign focusing on margins, featuring products with medium and high margins. By creating a product set with these products and unique targeting specific to this campaign, we also influenced an increase in the average order value and an increase in return on investment in ads. The average order value increased by 15% at that time, and the ROAS in those campaigns increased by 115% (from 2.99 to 6.43).