Project “OhrabreNA” (Empowered) by Lenovo


As a socially responsible company, Lenovo provides support to the categories that need empowerment – this time it was female entrepreneurs. We participated in the creation and realization of the educational program “OhrabreNA” (Empowered) intended for small business owners who want to explore ways to improve their business and obtain the necessary knowledge for digital promotion and marketing of their products or services.


Our digital team created the entire visual identity from the logo to the mini website. In addition to promotion via digital channels, the mission was also promoted on some of the most popular radio stations in Serbia in order to reach a wider audience and spread the word about the possibility of participating in the Lenovo educational project among smaller urban and rural areas. The goal of the projects is to provide an opportunity to female entrepreneurs from smaller communities.

Through a series of interactive workshops, webinars and mentoring consultations, female entrepreneurs were given the opportunity to discover the secrets and strategies of successful promotion on social media. Creativity and expertise of the mentors brought bright examples and real case studies that served as inspiration.

This type of unique environment allowed female entrepreneurs to exchange experiences, develop new partnerships and create a stronger network. Stories were told about brave and successful female entrepreneurs who followed a similar path and achieved remarkable results.

The key theme of the campaign was how to discover your voice on social media, where female entrepreneurs learned how to emphasize their uniqueness and authenticity in the digital world.


Twenty participants from all over Serbia gathered with representatives of the LENOVO company and their moderator Aleksandra Petrovski at the final event in Belgrade, where all the participants had the opportunity to get to know each other in person, present their businesses and progress thanks to participation in the “OhrabreNA” (Empowered) program.

Together with LENOVO, we continue on the path of positive change, supporting women entrepreneurs to become prominent figures in the digital age. The mission of “OhrabreNA” (Empowered) project remains the same – to enable women to realize their dreams and contribute to the progress of society and the community.