HONOR X8a influence campaign


Promotion of the new HONOR X8a smartphone was marked by an unforgettable influence marketing campaign that would bring this exceptional product into the hands of every consumer. In cooperation with selected influencers from different niches, the campaign revealed the power of personalized promotion. Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel, IT Instagram and TikTok celebrities came together to share their experience with HONOR X8a smartphone.


First, Fashion & Lifestyle influencers highlighted HONOR X8a as “the most stylish accessory that will enrich your everyday elegance”. Their perfectly coordinated selfies with the phone presented an eye-catching design and ensured that HONOR X8a made it to the list of “must-have” fashion accessories.

Travel influencers created incredible stories about discovering new destinations with HONOR X8a and revealed numerous adventures they found themselves in while traveling around the world. Their shots of beautiful landscapes and inspiring adventures fueled the sense of freedom and exploration that this smartphone offers.


All of these partnerships resulted in viral content that flooded social media. The audience reactions were incredible.

Influence marketing campaign for HONOR X8a proved the power of authenticity and relevance in the modern world. Connecting with the audience through different niches and genuine recommendations, led to huge success and set a new standard in product promotion.