HONOR Magic series photo production


HONOR brand launched the new Magic 5 series of smartphones with 2 items – HONOR Magic5 Lite and the undisputed flagship phone HONOR Magic5 Pro. Magic 5 series brought 2 new high-end smartphones to the local market that stood out not only with their top performance, but also with the elegant and powerful design that HONOR brand devices have become recognizable for. Our task was to create a series of photos to present the new devices through social media channels.


A little magic is always good, so we welcomed the chance to show the full potential of our magic that happens at every photo shoot and create a series of incredible photos that will complement the launch of the HONOR Magic 5 series of smartphones. Under the slogan Unleash the Power of Magic, the new HONOR smartphones series inspired us with its refined design to create magical photos in several locations around the city. Through the lens of our photographer and the creative team’s art direction, we presented exceptional devices, their magical design and powerful performance.

From planning, creating mood boards, choosing locations and photo props, our creative team was driven by the goal of showing potential users the best this smartphone series has to offer.


Inspired by summer, an escape from the heat and scorching asphalt, we created a series of photos for HONOR Magic5 Lite in warm tones and with a dominant green color. Our photos complemented the content on social media, and were also in some of the most read IT and lifestyle media in the country.