HONOR Graffiti workshop


For the launch of the new HONOR smartphone, we were tasked with designing and implementing an interactive workshop that would gather influencers and partners and through which everyone present would have the opportunity not only to realize what are the specifications of the new HONOR 90 smartphone, but also to have fun. A necessary condition for the implementation of an interactive workshop is the selection of the right topic, location and guests.


We were inspired by the HONOR 90 campaign slogan, Share Your Vibe, and a focus group of young urban digital photography enthusiasts. In order to give workshop participants the opportunity to show their vibe, we decided on a creative graffiti workshop, held by one of our most famous graffiti artists, Jana Danilović. For the workshop, Jana prepared a short lecture on the topic of expression through graffiti, as well as an introductory speech on spray painting techniques specially chosen for this occasion. The workshop was attended by numerous influencers who had the opportunity to try out the technique of drawing graffiti on the spot and present their personal vibe through illustrations.


Workshop resulted in extraordinary numbers on social media since all workshop participants created content to show their impressions from the Graffiti workshop. Created content caused great interest in the new HONOR 90, which once again proved the success of carefully created influence collaboration through combining IT and lifestyle content.