HONOR Band 6 photo production


HONOR launched a new smart device HONOR Band 6, which was created as a combination of a smartwatch and a fitness bracelet. A practical, elegant and above all functional smart device combined the best of what smartwatches and fitness bracelets offer – elegant design, hardware solutions and flawless functionality. Which is all an average user wants in a smart wearable device – to rely on it in a variety of everyday situations.

Our task was to show all the advantages and design of the new HONOR Band 6 smartwatch through a series of photos inspired by active life.


Inspiration for the photoshoot of the new HONOR Band 6 smartwatch was summer in the city and the slogan “A Big Difference”. Promotional campaign was based on advocating for major changes that users will implement in their daily lives just thanks to their new smart device. The duality of this device, which is reflected in the incredible functionality of the smartwatch and the attractive design, which instantly won the hearts of a large number of users, was the inspiration for this photoshoot.

Through a series of photos at several locations in the city, we showed the new HONOR Band 6 in all its glory – as an indisputable fitness device that helps you introduce some good new habits into your life, but also a must-have fashion detail that will fit into any outfit.


We are proud to say that this is one of the most successful promo campaigns for the HONOR brand that has resulted in the incredible popularity of the HONOR Band 6 smartwatch among users.