HONOR Band 6 influence campaign


As part of the launch campaign of the new HONOR Band 6 smart wearable device, we had the goal of promoting an active lifestyle under the slogan A Big Difference. The campaign aimed to reach as many users as possible who will be inspired to take the first step towards some healthier decisions and make the first big change in their daily lives. In a world of hustle and bustle and digitization, our health and physical activity becomes even more important. That’s why we are proud to present the new HONOR Band 6 – a smartwatch that will encourage you to push the limits every day and discover a new dimension of active life.

Our task was to create a campaign that would inspire users to join us in adopting new and healthier habits.


Under the motto Move better, we organized the HONOR challenge in cooperation with well-known influencers in order to promote the new HONOR Band 6 smartwatch and advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

The exciting HONOR challenge campaign brings a unique opportunity for our favorite influencers to face the challenge – to walk 10,000 steps every day for a week. Their energy and enthusiasm caught the attention of thousands of followers, inspiring them to join the challenge and improve their lifestyle.

Each influencer, through their unique style and personality, shared their path to the goal. Through an application connected to a smartphone, we followed every step of the influencers and the challenges they posed to each other. They displayed the statistics of their daily activity, but also the number of steps they took together, creating a sense of community and team spirit.


“10,000 steps” campaign became not only a promotion of the new HONOR smartwatch, but also a movement that inspired many to push boundaries every day, conquer new challenges and make positive changes in their lives.