Grand Openning BIG Kragujevac


In October 2023, the BIG CEE company opened a new retail park within the BIG FASHION Kragujevac shopping mall. Before us was the project of the grand opening of the BIG Kragujevac park for all the guests and the first customers. Our production team took care of everything down to the smallest details, from the performances of animators and performers, to gifts for everyone present at the event. Among the challenges was a spectacular fireworks display that was the highlight of the evening.


Opening the new BIG Kragujevac Park represents a comprehensive experience that we have carefully designed in order to provide an unforgettable experience to visitors of all ages. Our project team, with a special focus on the youngest, hired top animators who, with their creativity and energy, ensured never-ending entertainment throughout the entire event.

We spared no effort when choosing performers who changed during the day, providing visitors with a diverse and dynamic atmosphere. All those present had the opportunity to receive numerous gifts, further providing joy and excitement.

Opening night culminated in a remarkable fire show, followed by the highlight of the evening – spectacular fireworks, which created an unforgettable moment for everyone present.

Our agency carefully managed the production of photo and video material, recording every precious moment during the opening. With this, we created lasting memories and promotional material, emphasizing the uniqueness of the new shopping mall.