Forma Ideale video production


Forma Ideale, our long-term client, entrusted us with creating stop-motion series of visuals to present some of the new items in the offer, as well as the functionality and practicality of the furniture pieces, for social media official channels. Our task was to show the dynamics of the living space refined with Forma Ideale furniture through carefully designed creative visuals.


Our creative team, in cooperation with the production team, created series of stop-motion videos that will show followers the authentic Forma Ideale style and evoke the functionality of piece furniture. Special attention is paid to details that will bring dynamics and movement to stop-motion animation. In order to create a perfect stop-motion video, detailed planning was necessary, from the selection of the right items to the smallest details in the form of decoration.


We created a series of 10 stop-motion videos for living room furniture pieces – shelves and coffee tables. The dynamics conveyed by these promo materials showed followers on social media all the possibilities of how Forma Ideale fits perfectly into any living or working space.