BIG CEE video production


To showcase BIG shopping centers’ offer most authentically, we have been tasked with producing video content for the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Our video and production team plays a crucial role in presenting the diversity of content through an authentic video portrayal.


Our mission is to convey the unique energy and diversity of each BIG shopping center through a visual narrative that inspires and delights. We create short, dynamic video content tailored to social media, focusing on showcasing the offer, atmosphere, and special moments.

The video content goes beyond the traditional presentation of the shopping center – we position shopping in BIG shopping centers as an experience worth experiencing. Each frame captures the pulse of the shopping center, conveying the array of colors, sounds, and smiles that define visitors’ everyday experiences.

Through the diversity of characters and situations, we create authentic stories that target different interest groups. Our focus is on creating content that not only informs but also evokes emotions and stimulates a desire to visit BIG shopping centers.

The quality of our video materials is not only in filming but also in the creative process of video editing. Our post-production adds an extra layer of magic, creating videos that effectively communicate the core values of each BIG shopping center. Through this project, our video team enables the audience to visually immerse themselves in the world of BIG shopping centers and discover all they have to offer.