BIG CEE Social Media for 9 Shopping Malls in Serbia and Montenegro


BIG CEE entrusted us with Social Media Management for all 9 shopping malls in Serbia and Montenegro. Our digital team is responsible for the complete management of social media – Facebook and Instagram, content creation, and daily paid advertising on social networks.


Every day we create interesting, relevant content tailored to each shopping experience, highlighting special features and events. Our advertising strategy is targeted and engaging, tailored to each market to capture and retain the attention of target audiences. Monitoring trends, analyzing engagement and responding quickly to feedback are key to success. Our social media presence is not only about promotion but also about building community. Through interaction, we encourage dialogue and build loyalty among mall visitors and social media followers. The result is not only an increase in the visibility of shopping malls but also a strengthening of their digital reputation. Our dedication, creativity and analytical approach make us a key partner in achieving long-term success in the digital market.

Our commitment to keeping our followers up-to-date on mall offers is key. We regularly share information about discounts, promotions and new brands, thereby providing value to our online community. Special attention is given to the events promotions, including concerts of famous music stars, interactive workshops for children, art exhibitions and other cultural events. Our goal is to create excitement and anticipation among social media followers, making them part of the inspiring life of BIG malls.

Our photo and video team adds an extra dimension to our strategy, creating visually appealing content that effectively communicates the atmosphere and benefits of each BIG mall. Through careful planning, filming and editing, our videos not only attract attention but also deepen the connection between followers and shopping malls. This comprehensive approach combines information, entertainment and aesthetics to build a strong digital presence and achieve a sustainable connection with the community.