BIG CEE Influence Campaigns


As part of the Social Media Management engagement for BIG shopping malls, we are also in charge of planning and implementing numerous influence campaigns aimed at promoting the shopping malls as vital city shopping destinations, as well as the rich additional offer that BIG shopping malls offer to their visitors.


Influencer campaigns that we implement regularly represent a bridge between BIG shopping malls and their target audience, creating an unforgettable user experience through influential personalities who reflect the values of each BIG shopping mall. We are especially proud to collaborate with famous moms – content creators who inspire and connect the community. These influential individuals become the face of children’s activities inside shopping centers, promoting family movies opening nights, interactive workshops for children and specialized shops for the youngest.

Through an authentic approach, these influencers become the voices of parents by sharing their personal experiences, creating an emotional connection and highlighting the fun and educational opportunities that shopping malls provide for the youngest generations.

In addition, we also collaborate with celebrities and a wide range of influencers to generally inform people of the variety of BIG malls’ offerings. Our strategy is aimed at creating stories that reflect the unique characteristics of each BIG mall, exploring diverse content, fashion trends and gastronomic delights.

Influencers document their authentic experiences, creating a visual experience that arouses interest and desire to visit the BIG shopping mall. Through a dynamic and well-coordinated approach, our influencer campaign not only raises awareness, but also encourages building the community that shares enthusiasm for BIG shopping malls as a place where unforgettable experiences and connections are made.