Babylon Park Belgrade Photo and video content production


Babylon Park Belgrade is part of the famous Israeli chain of amusement parks, which is also available in Serbia since 2020 within the BIG Fashion & Mall park in Belgrade. Babylon amusement park in Belgrade is the largest indoor amusement park, intended for visitors of  all ages. The park is divided thematically and consists of Babylon Kids – an area intended for entertaining the youngest, Babylon Jump – trampolines, Babylon birthday space – separate rooms for celebrating birthdays, as well as the central part of the amusement park with adventure rides, a mini bowling alley, video and arcade games. Among the attractions is the only indoor roller coaster in Serbia, bumper cars, merry-go-rounds, VR video games and plenty of arcade games for everyone’s taste.

For our long-standing client, the task was to tell the story of an amusement park and recognizable mascots with colorful alien characters, as well as to create content according to different target groups and business plans.


In order to improve and create content close to various target groups, upgrade social media present and highlight all the values and advantages of Babylon Park, we introduced regular photoshoots and filming in the amusement park.

Thanks to authentic photos and videos, we are able to convey emotion and show the unique offer that our client has. We are proud to say that we have created some of the most exciting video material that will faithfully show to social media followers the adrenaline rushes and a cornucopia of entertainment at Babylon Park. We presented the sweetest offer and the tastiest delicacies of the Ovo&Neta cafe within the Babylon Park amusement park with a series of photo and video content that brought smiles to the faces of all followers on social networks. In order to make the content even more authentic and attractive, especially to a younger audience, the roles of guides through the magical world of entertainment were played by our main characters – mascots Ovo and Neta the aliens, whose appearance in the amusement park always sparks incredible interest.

During the projects of creating photo and video content for Babylon Park Belgrade, we carefully planned each photoshoot by creating mood boards – presentation of the idea and shooting plan, selection of appropriate props.


By creating authentic photo and video content that truly displays the offer and service that Babylon Park offers to all its visitors, we achieved significant results on social media through spreading brand awareness. The biggest contribution was reflected in the significant growth of interaction between target groups and the amusement park through social media channels.