Babylon Park Belgrade TVC production


The well-known Israeli chain of amusement parks, Babylon Park, opened one of the largest indoor amusement parks in Serbia, for which we created an integrated marketing campaign with the goal of building the brand. Content creation for social media, photo and video production, TVC recording and placement on some of the most watched children’s TV channels in the country, organization of offline and online activation, OOH campaigns, cooperation with influencers in creating their campaigns, are just some of the activities we implemented.

One of the most challenging projects was the filming of the TVC and ad bumper ads, which showed the cornucopia of content and variety that Babylon Park offers to its visitors through vivid shots.


Through short form and dynamic displays, we wanted to show Babylon Park’s unique content for the whole family – from roller coaster rides to enjoying delicious treats. Music and storyline in the ads boost excitement and showcase the amusement park mood. Our digital team and production approached this project studiously, paying attention to every detail – from script writing, storyboard creation, model selection, prop procurement, camera crew organization and post-production.


TV commercial has become an invitation to all fun and adventure fans. Babylon Park is becoming recognizable to a wider audience and the number of visitors is evidently increasing daily. The amusement park becomes a destination that is more than a place – it is a unique experience for the entire family.