Amazfit smart watches design and animation


Amazfit smartwatches and fitness bracelets represent the future of smart wearable technology. Recently available on the local market, this brand attempts to combine fashion and innovative technology to enable users to make smart wearable technology a part of their personal style, linking every aspect of the user’s life. From the first Amazfit product to today’s range of smartwatches, the brand is constantly working on combining hardware technology and innovative product design. Our task was to present a new series of smart devices that will fit into everyone’s lifestyle.


For the Amazfit brand, we created a series of visuals and animations for the promotional campaign of the new series of smartwatches. Elegance and modern look of the new devices have been transferred to the visual identity presented on social media.

This project was created for you to feel the power of improving your daily activities and sports performance with the new Amazfit smartwatches. Photos show Amazfit brand products in all their glory, highlighting their elegant design, high-quality materials and exceptional functions. Animations add an extra layer of dynamics, showing how smartwatches and sports bracelets fit every occasion perfectly – from the morning run, to business meetings, to relaxed moments with family and friends.


Through this project, we managed to convey the idea that Amazfit smartwatches and sports bracelets are not just gadgets, but real equipment that help you become the best version of yourself.